Welcome to Kowa

For over 100 years since its foundation as a cotton fabric wholesaler in Japan in 1894, Kowa Company, Ltd. has grown into a global company at the heart of the Kowa Group, actively engaged in various business fields with major focuses on trading of textiles, machinery and construction materials and manufacturing and sales of pharmaceutical products and optical devices.

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    Various medical instruments widely used in medical institutions are provided, including ophthalmological instruments, image filing systems, internal medicine examination instruments, measuring instruments, and vision testers.
    We offer the world's leading spotting scopes and binoculars that are famous worldwide and have a high market share, and various other advanced products.
    LUPINUS, an energy efficient LED lamp brand, has been created by combining our advanced optical technology with nanotechnology.
    LED lighting fixtures that is not too dazzling but is comfortable.
    Kowa's original organic cotton brand tenerita was developed for consumers who want to feel both good about themselves and confident in the coexistence and co-prosperity of people and nature. Just touch and feel.
    The Kowa Collection presents selected ceramic interior/exterior decoration materials and glass building materials for overseas markets under the concept of "Decorative Modern."