Product Name : Cartridge Filter (Depth type)
Product Code : Cartridge Filter
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Cartridge Filter (Depth type)

Cartridge Filter is designed for high viscosity liquid filtration, by greatly improved the flow ratio of the viscous liquids. In the various kinds of industrial process, This Cartridge achieves to shorten the filtration time, improve the quality, and reduce the filter cost. It shows the excellent performance from high viscosity to low-viscosity liquids in various applications.



  1. This Cartridge has the high compressive strength against the viscous liquids, because of the structure of only molded layer. Also, it achieves the bigger filtration flow.
  2. All Cartridge products are rinsed up, so the no flow out of oils, and no foaming.
  3. Thickness of the fibers is uniformed, and thermally bonded in the shape of three-dimensional structure, so no fall off fibers.
  4. This Cartridge achieved the longer filtration life and the stabilized filtration precision, because of the structure of fibers, the low density in surface to the high density in core.
  5. All materials meet FDA standard.
  6. Made from only olefin, so the chemical resistance against acid and alkaline is excellent.



  1. Purification of plating liquid, chemical liquid, and water for print-circulation-board and electronics industry.
  2. Filtration of paints and magnetic materials (Viscous Liquid)
  3. Purification of printing inks.
  4. Oil, resin, solvent, enzyme, and plating chemicals for chemical industry.
  5. Pre-filter for RO and UF. Water-treatment for any industry.


(nominal rating) 

1μm Outer diameter    63mm
5μmInner diameter     30mm
25μmLength : Package
75μm250mm : 50pcs.
100μm500mm : 25pcs.
150μm750mm : 20pcs.