Cosmetic Ingredients

Cosmetic Ingredients

Product Name Chemical Name CAS No/HS Code Image Description Download PDF
Polyethylene Oxide Polyethylene Oxide 25322-68-3/ 2905310000 Polyethylene Oxide

Polyethylene Oxide
Polyethylene Oxide or Ultra high MW Polyethylene glycol is produced in Japan by Meisei Chemical Works and sold under their "Alkox" brand name. The variety of molecular weights range from the INCI PEG-2M to the PEG-115M. Our Alkox products are outstanding emollients and thickening agents that give skin, shaving and hair care products the superior "feel" properties and smoothness. Alkox has neutral pH, no ammonia smell and is silica-free

For hair care products Alkox gives a superior "feel" property to the hair. We recommend Alkox L-11 & R-1000G for conditioners and Alkox E-20G & E-45G for shampoos.

Alkox offers a special softness & smoothness for skin care products.  We recommend Alkox E-45G for body washes and E-160 for bar soap.

Alkox is especially useful in shaving creams with a synergistic emollient & lubricating Effect. We recommend Alkox grades E-45G thru E-160.

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